About Us

Who is Coco? Well, Coco is the brainchild of three crazy designers from New York, Perth and Auckland who realized that they were living and working in boring surroundings that didn’t  quite excite them. Not a ground-breaking, life changing idea- true, but they couldn’t ignore the fact that they were all creative, quirky and pretty “out there" personalities, working for very innovative companies, but were still living in dull spaces that didn’t inspire them or bring out their inner crazy side. They believed that the spaces in which we live matter and that it’s important that we surround ourselves with artwork pieces that match our vibe and live up to our vibrant personalities.  Lo and behold, Coco - the monkey was created with the idea of designing and providing premium quality prints for skateboards and canvas arts that can truly live up to the bright, and crazy personalities of all those who are just as “loco” as Coco! Today Coco and his team manufacture their masterpieces in USA and helps keep things fresh by collaborating with talented local artists.