How to use skateboards as a wall decor?

Skateboard wall art is the hottest new trend in home decor. With skating culture making a strong comeback, the use of vibrant and unique skateboards have evolved beyond the sport and gained popularity as a modern and chic decor piece in most homes. What started as a cool way for pro (and rookie) skaters to display their gear at home has now made its way to offices, restaurants and homes of even those who have never given skating a go. Whether you are a skater who wants to bring your personality to your home, or have never set foot on a skate but are looking to spice up your walls, here is why skateboard wall art is all the rage now:

  1. Endless designs: With many manufacturers collaborating with artists, the designs are truly endless when it comes to Skateboard wall art. May it be pop culture, retro, nature inspired, minimalist, or simply just “bizzare” , there is something available in the market to suit everyone’s  taste. Most suppliers also offer custom design options as well so that you can get even wilder if you want to further personalize the designs

  2. 3D hover effect: As the boards pop out of the wall, they look like they are simply hovering in the air- defying gravity. You can even add some light fittings behind the boards to take it to the next level. This 3D effect is an absolutely unique and creative take on wall art that traditional art pieces and wall hangings just can’t compete with.

  3. Hang and change them easily: Despite grabbing the spotlight in any space, skateboard wall art designs are surprisingly easy to hang up. The boards come with all the bearings needed and take minutes to set up. This gives you a chance to change the boards that you display according to season and theme changes or simply as your “vibe” evolves.

  4. Affordable: While some designs can cost hundreds of dollars, there are many up and coming companies that offer high quality designs at very affordable rates. A tip is to look out for sales and discount codes that they regularly offer. Given the unique touch that these pieces bring to your space, we think that this is a worthwhile investment.

Following are some of our skateboard designs done by our talented designers.


Astronaut design on skateboards




Japanese art on skateboards



doughnut printed on a skateboard

So there you have it- our top 4 reasons why you need to treat yourself and your home to a skateboard wall art design right now. This trend seems to be something that’s here to stay.

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