Skateboard Wall Art; A Novel Way to Decorate Your Walls

If you have flipped through the pages of almost any modern home décor magazine, you’re sure to have come across at least one image of a skateboard which is hung up on a wall in some indoor or outdoor setting. You might assume that this is because the photo in question is the home of an avid skater who has simply hung up his deck between uses for easy access. But would you be surprised if we told you that more and more skateboards are making their way on to the walls of homes and offices instead of the streets? In fact, some of these boards are produced simply to be decorative wall art rather than to ever be used for actual skating.


skateboard wall art


Although most of these decorative decks (which is the term used for the wooden body where you are meant to plant your feet) come with eight holes which can technically be used to fix wheels, using them for the sport is usually not recommended. Instead, they come in a wide array of designs and prints on the body (some from the likes of renowned artists) and are simply meant to be looked at and adored from a safe distance. And while posters and prints of some designs from such artists may cost you a few bucks, a skateboard deck with the same design printed on the body may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This is because, ever since the first person nailed a skateboard to a wall and called it art, the idea of using these decks to decorate your space has taken flight and become synonymous with “creativity” and “modern taste” in the space of home decorating and interior designing. But unlike many other fads that come and go and are usually made tacky over time with over usage, the charm of skateboard wall art has managed to still hold its originality and be relevant through the test of time.

 home decor using skateboards


One reason we think the skateboard wall arts are here to stay is the fact that they are basically a trendy blank canvas on which you can pretty much print anything you want- with the options being endless! Today, you will find many companies – both brick and mortar and online, that have come up with endless skateboard wall art designs that are bound to fit your personal style no matter how unique or quirky it may be. And on the rare chance that none of their standard designs fit your taste, most sellers also offer customization options at affordable rates. Another reason this trend caught on is the fact that many artists have jumped on this bandwagon and have added their own twist to the concept. Some are even pushing the limits of the basic make up of a “skateboard” by changing up the material which were traditionally used on the pieces- with artists like Walead Beshty using copper for his work and Chris Ofili using paint types that are normally used on automobiles for his decks. With such premium alterations, some of these skateboards have become collectibles such as Jenny Holzer’s marble skateboard with the word “IMPEACH” on it- following Donald Trumps’ election that currently retails for $10 000!

 skateboard wall art


So whether you own a luxury- one of a kind skateboard wall art design or a more affordable design that simply adds a decorative touch to your home, the last reason why we think that this trend is one that is here to stay is the fact that regardless of the bows and frills that may have been added to them by the sellers and artists, in its core they still hold the original aura of the skateboard subculture that gives out good vibes and conveys a sense of creative freedom in whichever sense you wish to interpret it. 

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