Single or three deck skateboard wall art?

So you’ve decided that you want to go the route of using skateboard wall art to decorate your space.  A strong start- if we may say so ourselves. Most people naturally think that the next step is picking your design of choice. In actuality, another step that goes in line with the design choice is to narrow down on whether a single deck or 3 deck piece would suit your space better.  Here are some important facts that you may want to consider when making the choice:

1. Available space: Ok so this sounds like a no brainer.  If you have more space available on your wall, then you can go for a three deck skateboard art while if you are tight on space, you can pick a single deck design. Whilst this basic logic is true, other related considerations would also be the size of the overall room and the look and feel that you wish to achieve. For example, even if you have a blank wall available that can potentially fit a 3 deck skateboard wall art design, if your overall room is quite small and cluttered, a 3 deck design may add to the noise. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on the overall theme and vibe that you are going for.



skateboard wall art



2. The design:  Our collections show that 3 deck designs work great when you want to break up a complex and  intricate photo and give it dimension by splitting it up in to 3 parts and aligning the boards to make up the overall image. On the other hand, more simple designs suit single decks better. However, this is not to say that minimalist designs cant be produced on to 3 deck products as our artists have also created some amazing minimalist artwork on our 3 deck skateboard wall art pieces.

 skateboard wall art



3. Function: Another important factor to consider when deciding between a single or 3 deck skateboard wall art is the function of the piece (whether simply decorative or informative) and where exactly it will be hung up. As 3 deck boards work great if you have 3 different images on a single theme that you wish to display together,  some of our corporate clients have used 3 deck designs to display 3 key brand images or brand value propositions at their business premises. Whether you want your wall art to be the centre of attention on the wall  (in which case a 3 deck will be ideal)  or a simple cool “add on” to your home decor (which can be achieved with a single deck) can also be a decisive factor.

Japanese wall decor



4. Cost: Lastly, a pretty obvious consideration when making the selection between single and 3 deck designs is the cost of the pieces. While the 3 deck designs are more expensive than the single decks, we believe that if the price is the only thing keeping you away from a 3 deck piece, the unique look that 3 deck boars bring to your space is definitely a worthwhile investment Iin our opinion. Go big or go home! as they say. 

space themed skateboard


single deck skateboard wall decor


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