Places to mount your skateboard wall art

Ok so you know that a skateboard wall art belongs on a- you guessed it- Wall!, but which wall? What kind of wall? In which setting? Here are some of the best places to hang up your beautiful skateboard wall art design.


1. Veranda or Terrace

You can start outside your home by hanging up your unique skateboard art in your veranda or terrace. Not only do skateboard wall art designs blend well with nature but they further compliment the earthy feel of the great outdoors and can add a homey feeling to your outdoor living space. They also hold up well under the test of time if they are sourced from vendors who use good quality wood, paint and weather protect finishes. (Even if they do wear out a little bit over time, we think that it  just adds to the “rustic outdoorsy” look).

places to hang your skateboard
Photo by Cameron Smith on Unsplash

2. Living room

Perhaps the most common place to hang up a skateboard wall art is in your living room. With countless unique designs available, this is your chance to get truly creative when picking a design that compliments your furniture, paint job , design and overall interior décor theme. Modern and sleek designs have been a recent fan favorite, with 3 piece designs being more popular than single decks. Since this may often be the first thing that grabs the attention of any visitors, it’s a great conversation starter and accent décor piece to set the mood at your home.

places to hang your skateboard

Photo by Woodendot on Unsplash


3. Bedroom

The next most common place to display a skateboard wall art is right in your bedroom. Whether you are a young and free soul who wants to express yourself with how you decorate your room, or someone with a more sophisticated taste who wants your interests to be central in your bedroom decor, there are skateboard wall art designs to suit anyone. Hanging a skateboard wall art in your bedroom has also been very popular among young adults who live in shared spaces with minimal control over the decorating of the spaces that they share with flat/ roommates.   They thus choose to use creative means like skateboard wall art designs to make their bedrooms their own by adding a personal décor touch.

places to hang your skateboard

 Photo by Christopher Jolly on Unsplash  


4. Bathroom

Believe it or not, our skateboard wall art designs have also made it to countless bathroom walls. The minimalist styles along with designs that have nature inspired images match most bathrooms perfectly. Imagine chilling in your bathtub with a great book and wine glass in hand, and a calming skateboard wall art design of dreamy beachy waves above you. Now that’s supreme bliss!

places to hang your skateboard

Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash


5. Office spaces

Skateboard wall art designs are now gaining popularity in office spaces of many small- large scale businesses as well. Our corporate customers have found that they are an elegant décor choice for customer lounges and a great way to display their brand imaging in a not so traditional way. Many restaurant chains have also recently joined the bandwagon by ordering skateboard designs with images of food and unique company specific design themes on them to be hung up around the premises. 

places to hang your skateboard

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

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