Definitive guide to hang up your skateboard wall art

So you’ve decided that you want to hang up one (or more) skateboards as wall art in your space. Kudos!-  we commend you on your creative taste. You’ve picked just the right design to match your space and you’ve decided on where exactly you want your masterpiece displayed. You’ve also worked out whether you want the board to be horizontal or vertical and whether a single deck would do the job or the more would be merrier. Now that the hardest part in the whole process is out of the way- here are our top picks on how you can work out the actual mechanism of hanging up the skateboard art.

  1. Fishing line or rope method

Probably one of the cheapest Do- It- Yourself ways to hang up a skateboard as wall art is to use a trustee old fishing line or generic rope. You simply need to thread the rope or fishing line through the holes on your skateboard and sling it up on one (or more) nails on the wall. While economical, this method looks a bit tacky as the lines are visible on the wall. They can also rub against the paint job of the board that chip at it over time. The method also doesn’t rank high on how firm and secure the board is as it can swing in the wind especially if you hang it up in an outdoor space.

  1. Picture hanger method

A simple improvement over the first step mentioned before is to add some drywall anchors and screw eyes to the back of the board and hang it up as you would a standard wall art using wire. While this method takes out the problem of the rope or fishing lines being visible-as noted in the first approach, and gives the skateboard a better 3D levitating effect, it does involve a bit of measuring and use of tools which can be a hassle.

  1. Off the shelf 3D skateboard wall art

This may be the lazy couch potato side of our personality talking, but the most convenient way to hang up your skateboard wall art like a pro is to simply leave the hard work to the pros! No- you don’t have to hire anyone to do this for you. You simply need to purchase a skateboard that has been made professionally for the purpose of being used as wall art.



japanese decor using skateboards

Since these boards are made with the intention of being hung up as home décor, they have key features that can add great value by making the hanging up process so much simpler. These boards come with all the mounts you need and holes already drilled carefully onto the boards. They also usually include additional paint protection layers that standard skateboards may not have if they are not built to be hung up in sunny outdoor areas. They are also very sturdy and provide the best 3D hover- effect when on your wall. Customers also have the option of buying the boards without wheels (if they are sure that they will never use it for skating), which can further reduce the price of the pieces. For this reason, our top pick on hanging up a skateboard wall art is to simply purchase one that has been built for that purpose. Take the guesswork out of the equation and get your hands on your own creative design today!

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