7 wall décor ideas to add a modern spin to home decorating

Whether you live in a small studio apartment or luxurious mansion, everyone is eventually confronted with the somewhat difficult question of how you should decorate your walls. While traditionally most people simply opted to paint their walls in neutral colors and add an odd wall hanging or two on it and call it a day, modern wall décor ideas are more unique, creative and functional. Here are our top 7 picks for the most creative ways to spice up your walls based current trends.

1. Gallery walls - Starting off with a simple concept before we get to the more bizarre ideas- a gallery wall is a simple twist that you can add on your age old paint and wall hanging décor concept to keep it in line with the times. Rather than have one or few wall hangings which are placed strategically centered on a wall, why not dedicate an entire wall to multiple photos and art of different sizes which are hung randomly or in a pattern all across it? A pro tip is to use different styles of frames and a wide array of sizes of art so that it adds depth to the wall. This is a great way to display either your own photo gallery or showcase multiple artwork – in one accent wall.

 gallery wall

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2. Shelves - A more functional yet chic concept used especially by those who are scrambling for space is using shelves to decorate their walls. This method gives you the perfect spot to store your books, toys, collections, china and any other belongings whilst also using it as a decorating tool. Transparent shelves that give your items a “hover” effect is one of our favorite shelf designs in this aspect.

 shelf wall decor

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3. Mirrors- Another functional yet creative way to decorate your walls is to add mirrors on it. You can add one large full length mirror on a wall or add multiple mirrors on one wall for a truly unique look. They not only reflect light and make small rooms seem more spacious, but are also great for mirror selfies!

mirror decor

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4. Fabric- A low budget wall décor idea is to simply use fabric as a wall hangings. Tapestry, scarves and even plain or designed cloth can add a soft touch to your home without breaking the bank. They are also quite easy to hang up and handle – giving your full control of whether you want them hung straight up against a wall or with folds and ruffles to add texture and dimension.

 fabric wall decor ideas

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5. Skateboards- Once used by skaters as a way of displaying their beloved equipment, the use of skateboards as wall art has now become popular even amongst common folk. With their customizable and creative designs that fit any home decor theme, ease of hanging and 3D hover effect- we can hardly blame anyone for getting on to this cool trend.

skateboard wall art


6. Plates - Why keep your fine china hidden in a cupboard- never to be used when you can hang them on a wall on display to the world?  They can be hung up in a neat pattern or scattered randomly across the wall depending on the look and feel that you are aiming for. In our opinion, this concept works best to add a more vintage look to your home and is also a great conversation starter.

 wall decor using plates

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7. Plant walls- Bring your plant friends inside and straight on to your walls with wall mounted planters. Plant walls can add a minimalist and earthy touch to your home and are a great workaround for those with a green thumb but don’t have a garden. We recommend only adding one such accent wall in a room and keeping the rest of the walls simple and neutral so that it doesn’t take the attention away from it.

plant decor

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