5 most creative skateboard designs by artists

1. Graffiti style skateboard by Loren Kulesus

Inspired by the New York city “wild style” graffiti, this skateboard design by designer Loren Kulesus challenges the traditional make up of a skateboard deck itself. Although we can’t imagine anyone wanting to step on this artistic marvel, it’s actually a functioning skateboard and one of the coolest designs we’ve seen in a long time.

2. Maxime Buchi

Best known for his geometric tattoo work under the name M-X-M, these skateboard designs were a part of a collaboration the artist did with 242. The skateboards were a great hit as they managed to translate the Swiss tattoo artists’ unique style from skin to deck.


3. Stephen Sprouse Graffiti skateboard with Louis Vuitton trunk

This collaboration included a skateboard deck design by famed graffiti artist Stephen Sprouse that had “Louis Vuitton” scattered all over it, and also came  in its own Louis Vuitton branded hard case trunk. Only 3 such decks were made and they retailed for over $8000 apiece. Although not many can rationalize spending such big bucks on a skateboard, it was for a great cause as the proceeds benefited charities for children in New York.


4. “The Bitches Brew Series”  

The classic “Bitches Brew” painting by Mati Klarwein takes a very modern twist by being transferred onto a skateboard with the help of Mati’s son- Balthazar who is a famous skater. The design includes 4 skateboards which are aligned to make up some of Mati’s most notable work including the cover design for Miles Davies’ landmark album “Bitches Brew” .

5. Exit Eden by James Jean

This three deck masterpiece was created by artist James Jean for the 15th anniversary of Giant Robot magazine. Jean says that skating has always  represented  courage to him and that he views courage as a lack of shame- the same way that when Adam and Eve were being expelled from the garden of Eden, they were pitiful in their nakedness and shameful in their new found knowledge. This skateboard is a true marvel that has much to be interpreted by onlookers- making it the perfect conversation starter and centerpiece to a true art lovers’ space. 

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